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EXHIBIT A Limited Member Agreement Form




    This Agreement of Premier Turbo Team LLC, is between the undersigned candidate member and is made effective as of 06/07/2023.

    In consideration of the mutual agreements contained in this Agreement and other good and valuable consideration, the Limited Member agrees as follows:

    Basic Agreement: This individual limited membership agreement follows the formation and filing of the Company Agreement of Premier Turbo Team LLC. with the Secretary of State of Texas, of which copy of said “Company Agreement” accompanies this individual membership agreement once fully executed.

    Terms of individual limited membership to Premier Turbo Team LLC.

    1. Individual limited member is required to pay an annual membership fee to Premier Turbo Team LLC, in exchange for limited membership. That fee for 2020 is $500.00.
    2. Individual limited members are not required to make any additional annual or
      monthly contributions to the Franchise.
    3. Individual limited members are required to conduct specific marketing tasks in
      exchange for limited membership. see Exhibit B, “Marketing Support Systems” to this agreement
    4. Individual limited membership means those members who have restricted rights of participation as set out in Article 6 of the Company Agreement.
    5. Individual limited members shall have the right to voluntarily withdraw at any time from the company. Upon withdrawl, the limited membership interest in the arrears will be forfeited to the Franchise and member will not be entitled to revenue share up to the date of the with draw.
    6. Individual limited members can be terminated by the franchise for non-compliance of participation in the Marketing Support Services Agreement, Exhibit B.
    7. Exhibit B (1) Limited Member Obligations and Responsibilities, or for other reasons as specified in the Company Agreement. The Franchisee has established reasonable marketing services for successful participation with each limited member and those expectations will be in written format and furnished to each limited member. Upon termination of any limited member by the Franchisee, that limited membership interest will be forfeited to the Franchise and there will be refund of annual fee. Any outstanding revenue share will be forfeited.
    8. Individual limited members participation fees to the company is set at $500.00 annually. This fee allows limited members access to the Systems provided by the company, which are described as Franchise Down Line Tracking Systems. Each limited member will execute the Franchise Portal User Agreement. Access to this service is included in membership.
    9. Individual limited members are entitled to participate in the revenue share model according to the company agreement Exhibit F (Allocations for Limited Members)