Membership Onboarding

Hello, this is Daryl Zipp, owner of Texas Premier Turbo Team Franchise.

Welcome to the Texas Premier Turbo Team Membership sign up area, and we have several documents that
require your attention and execution. These are all conveniently furnished in an electronic format that you
sign and submit back to us. You will be sent a copy for your own files.

In addition, we will send you log in credentials for the MEMBERS ONLY area on the site. This area provides you tools and systems for recruiting your team members. Here, you become a Limited Member of Texas Premier Turbo Team. As an owner, you have specific responsibilities and obligations as a limited member.

The following forms are:

Form 1: EXHIBIT E. Limited Member Membership Agreement Form

Form 2: EXHIBIT E (a) Marketing Support Systems Form

Form 3: Annual Membership Costs. This is an annual license fee for your unique use of the tracking software system issued to each owner to follow the success of you and your team members.

Form 4: W-9, please complete so we can issue revenue share to you. As an owner member, you will receive a K-1 form at the end of each earning year.

Form 5: Limited Membership Certificate- This is a representation of the certificate you will be issued, in addition to a copy of the Texas Premier Turbo Team LLC Company Agreement.

In the event you have any questions about any of the forms, please contact me personally at or (210) 844-8683.