This agreement is between the named Loan Originator and Premier Turbo Team Franchise. The Loan Originator will perform services as a Preferred Lender for a Franchisee of Premier Turbo Team.


Preferred Lender Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Loan Originator agrees to accept buyer leads from Premier Turbo Team Franchise named in this agreement.
    The Preferred Lender will accept leads from the Franchisee utilizing the Franchisee unique loan application link from Premier Turbo Team Turbo Tools portal.
  2. Loan Originator will be granted affiliate Turbo Tools Software License in order to secure leads, and track the lead loan track within Premier Turbo Team Turbo Tools
  3. Loan Originator agrees to Franchise ON BOARD TRAINING GUIDE.
  4. Loan Originator agrees to make all efforts as a settlement service provider to secure lead application, initial conditional underwriting approval, and generation of conditional Pre Approval back to the Franchisee Member in this agreement.
  5. The Franchise has established reasonable services for successful participation with each Franchisee Agent. These services are outlined in the ON BOARD TRAINING Guide.

Preferred Lender Lead Costs

  1. The Preferred Lender agrees to pay a success fee, upon closing and funding of the borrower loan, generated from the lead supplied by the Franchisee
  2. The success fee is 60bps of the loan amount, or $1,500, whichever is greater.
  3. The success fee is invoiced by Premier Turbo Team to the Preferred Lender post consummation of the loan, and remitted back to Premier Turbo Team, per the Turbo Tools Training Guide furnished to the Preferred Lender.

Preferred Lender Acknowledgement: