Major Announcement 

From Sam Trantham, the Founder and President of Premier Turbo Team Franchise:

Fellow Owners:

2021 was a great 2nd year of growth for our Franchise. 
Thank you for your ownership.

We had some growing pains and some opportunities too.
This year promises to be even better with new features:

TURBO TOOLS:    We have added our own back office software.

Turbo Tools is your own software that allows  you to manage
Your referrals, manage your revenue share; view your down line
And see how other agents are adding team members.

See this link to access TURBO TOOLS.


We have expanded our Team Building Recruitment Program.
We will be contacting you and assisting you to help us recruit more member owners into your share lines.
We have added new and addition Recruiters to Premier Turbo Team.


We are launching a new Membership Category to Premier Turbo Team.
It’s called BULLSEYE. 

Bullseye will provide you access to buyer leads that come back to you as
Pre-approved buyers….. to help your build your business.

Thank you for your continued support.

Key Contacts at Premier Turbo Team.
Membership: Trixie Smith,
Turbo Tools:  Stephen Lessey:
Management: Sam Trantham :

To your continued success,