Franchisee Revenue Sharing

• Membership to Premier Turbo Team is in the form of an annual
“investment” to the Franchise. The annual amount is an
“investment”, in the franchise, and not a membership fee.

• The investment is a RESPA requirement, because as a member of the
franchise, you receive a “ROI’, return on your investment.
• Collectively, all members own 49% of the franchise, and receive an
annual return on the investment.

• As a Franchisee, you earn revenue share as the procuring cause of a
prospect, that becomes a referral to the Franchise, and that referral
requires mortgage services to close and fund a residential or commercial

• The Franchise operates with a Franchise Agreement, with the Franchisor
that owns 51% of Premier Turbo Team.

• The Franchisor has a TPO , (third party origination), agreement with (Turbo
Mortgage) and is paid a royalty payment by Turbo Mortgage.

• As royalties are paid to the Franchisor, 49% of that royalty is distributed to
Premier Turbo Team, and those royalties are distributed to the Agent
Owners of Premier Turbo Team.

• Due to the complex procedures that are required, the following timelines
are necessary; in order distribute revenue share to members of Premier
Turbo Team.

• The revenue share is not a “commission” such as your commission paid
upon closing of a real estate transaction. The revenue share is not paid
same time of the closing of your buyer’s transaction.

• The revenue share is distributed from the Franchisor to the Franchise only
after the closing of the mortgage transaction, the mortgage company earns
revenue, and then a portion of that revenue is paid as a royalty to the
Franchisor and then the Franchise.

Revenue Share Schedule:
• Upon closing and funding, in same month, the Franchisor funnels revenue
to the Franchise from the mortgage transaction.

• Franchisee Turbo Tools account will reflect the revenue share that has been
paid to the E-Wallet in Turbo Tools after this funding, and be made
available for “distribution”.

• The revenue share is available for actual “distribution” from the E-Wallet
after every quarter of the year as a “return of the investment” to the

• Below is timing of payment of revenue share to the E-Wallet in Turbo Tools
and the availability of distribution from the E-Wallet on a quarterly basis.

Jan Feb. March.
During 1st quarter, all referrals that become closed and funded transactions are paid to the E-Wallet of the Franchisee.

April: The revenue share from previous quarter is ready to be distributed to
the Franchisee, from E-Wallet in Turbo Tools. The franchisee requests
distribution of revenue share, and with the proper banking credentials
uploaded to the Franchisee E-Wallet, revenue share is distributed by end of

April, May, June.
During 2nd quarter, all referrals that close and fund that earn revenue are paid to the E-Wallet of the Franchisee.

July: The revenue share from 2nd Quarter is ready to be distributed to the
Franchise as (ROI), from the Franchisee E-Wallet. The franchisee requests
distribution of revenue share and it is paid by end of July.

• July, August, September.
During 3rd quarter same
schedule and procedures are followed and franchisee can be distributed
revenue share.
October: Revenue share is distributed from 2rd Quarter by end of October.

October, November, December.
During 4th quarter all revenue share is paid to E-Wallet each month, and year end revenue share is paid by end of 4th quarter, December, and each member receives a K-1 statement ( total annual return on investment) as a Franchisee.

I trust this assists in understanding your investment, your return on your investment, and the protocol on receipt of revenue share to Turbo Tools, your E-Wallet, and how your E-Wallet is paid, and how E-Wallet is later able to distribute funds to your banking account stored within E-Wallet in Turbo Tools.

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assistance as a Franchisee.

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