Turbo Franchise Development Press Release:

Agent response to launch of new agent owned mortgage support franchise indicates “sky is the limit”.
According to a company spokesperson.

Sam Trantham, founder and CEO, predicts Turbo Franchise Development first franchise, Premier Turbo Team, will quickly have a real estate agent client base of more than 500 agents. Trantham predicts the nations first agent owned franchise platform will grow to 10 franchises with no less than 500 member owners per franchise, supporting over 5,000 independent agents who own their future in the franchise. This agent owned franchise platform provides agents ownership of a franchise that provides revenue sharing back to agents, pre-approved buyer leads back to agents, and benefits devoted to independent real estate agents to assist agents to build their real estate business.

“Now [agents] can help guide their referred homebuyers to their franchise, through the mortgage process from approval to closing, using the franchise mortgage support marketing and lead generation benefits. “Ownership in the franchise offers agents a new revenue source, and time to focus on showing and closing houses instead of chasing leads.

Trantham says, “The reaction from those in the real estate community has been excellent. Its impressive how agents respond to being offered ownership and are empowered with ownership in a company that provides revenue share, and lead generating benefits and marketing integration that agents cannot afford nor provide for themselves. Of special interest to the agent is the retirement benefits program funded by their revenue share from the franchise.