Our 90 Day Buy Back Guarantee

This is a great opportunity for Real Estate Professional's to increase their income by participating in our franchise
which offers marketing and support services.

Currently the annual investment cost is $500.00 per year.
This cost is subject to adjustments in the coming years, depending on any unforeseen circumstances.

This investment cost will qualify you as a limited member to receive revenue share from the franchise
and pay for the tracking software that each limited owner will be provided to follow their success
and the success of other team members.

Investments will be collected at sign up and continue for 12 full months from date of membership.
Each owner will automatically renew each year upon anniversary date, unless the Franchise is given a 60 day notice by the member.

After 90 days, the Franchise will "buy back" the Member's full investment cost to the franchise. 
Member Owner agrees to these conditions to qualify for "buy back" on initial investment.

The member owner MUST complete the Franchise On Boarding Program.

The member owner MUST complete the Preferred Lender On Boarding Program.

Member Owners are responsible for referring their prospects (Agent & Buyer) to
Premier Turbo Team for RESPA Compliance