2023 New Updated Franchisee Member Agreement Form -

2023 New Franchisee Member Agreement Form - April 2023





    This Agreement of Turbo Franchise Development, is between the undersigned candidate member and is made effective as of 04/13/2023.

    In consideration of the mutual agreements contained in this Agreement and other good and valuable consideration, the Limited Member agrees as follows:

    Terms of individual limited membership to Premier Turbo Team LLC.

    1. Individual limited member is required to pay a one time investment fee to Premier Turbo Team LLC, in exchange for limited membership. That fee for 2023 is $1,000.00.

    2. Individual limited members are required to conduct specific marketing tasks in exchange for limited membership as set in this agreement as outlined in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

    3. Individual limited members shall have the right to voluntarily withdraw at any time from the company. Upon withdrawal, the limited membership interest in the arrears will be forfeited to the Franchise and the member will not be entitled any future or remaining ad share funds or return on any ownership interest.

    4. Individual limited members can be terminated by the franchise for non-compliance of participation as set out in TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

    5. Individual limited members investment to the company is set at $1,000.00. This fee allows limited members access to the Turbo Tools systems provided by the company, as well as qualified participation in the Franchise Return On Ownership Interest as a Franchisee.

    6. Upon acceptance as Limited Member of the Franchise, the Company Operating Agreement and Terms and Conditions will be provided to the limited member.  

    7. Investment cost is subject to refund upon the Member Owners 5 calendar day,  right of recission, upon receipt and inspection of the Company Operating Agreement, Terms and Conditions, and the Company Respa Compliance Documents.



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    Investment cost is $1,000.00.

    This investment cost will qualify you as a limited member to provide and receive marketing support from the franchise, participation in our buyer generation program, and pay for the tracking software that each limited owner will be provided to follow their success.
     Investments will be collected at sign up.


    Member Owner agrees to these terms and conditions.

    Member Owner agrees to these terms and conditions.

    1. Member Owner agrees to participate in the Franchise Self-Generated Buyer Leads Program.


    • Member Owner agrees to assign and provide self- generated leads to the Franchise Concierge Program for Pre- Qualification.  After Pre-Qualification, the leads are classified as “assets” of the franchise.
    • Pre- Qualified Leads will be supplied to the Franchise Preferred Lenders who provide licensed mortgage services in support of the franchise.
    • These leads are not exclusive to the franchise and can work with any other company for services similar to those provided by the franchise.  This is disclosed in the Turbo Tools Referral Link format provided by the Franchise called the AFFILIATED BUSINESS DISCLOSURE form.
    • These leads qualify for AD SHARE participation and generate funds to AD SHARE budget provided by the franchise.


    1. Member Owner agrees to participate in Franchise AD SHARE Buyer Leads Program.


    • Member Owner Ad Share budget will be held in the member owners Turbo Tools account.
    • Upon sign up, the member owners AD SHARE account will be credited
    • A start up budget amount of $500.00 (which is provided from the member owners Investment Cost) to join the Franchise.
    • Member Owner agrees to accept pre- approved buyers provided by the Franchise from the AD Share Program.   
    • This participation provides the member owner future advertising costs to generate new buyer candidates back to the member owner.
    • Ad Share budget can also be used to fund any “third party” marketing costs of the member owner, outside of the franchise provided marketing services.  All third party marketing costs is paid directly to the vendor supported by invoice to the franchise.
    • Member Owners do not receive any compensation or revenue from the franchise outside, any of those disclosed in the company Operating Agreement FRANCHISEE RETURN ON OWNERSHIP INTEREST.
    • Article 5-6 of Premier Turbo Team Limited Liability Agreement outlines distribution of Franchisee Return On Ownership Interest.  Return of ownership interest is based on the net profit from the company distributed to the 44% pool interest allocated to all limited members.
    • Pool interest is divided equally from net profits based on the number of limited members under good standing at time of company allocation terms per the Company Agreement.
    • A member owner in Good Standing is based on the member owners track record of participation in the Terms and Conditions.


    1. Member Owner agrees to participate in the Premier Turbo Team, ON BOARDING PROGAM:
      The franchisee completes a membership onboarding program
    • Introduction to the Franchise existing Preferred Lenders in Zoom meeting with the Preferred Lender.
    • Member agrees to participate in back office Turbo Tools system training with Premier Turbo Team Franchise Member Success Manager.
    1. Member Owner agrees that qualification in the Franchise Return Of Ownership Interest is outlined in the Company Operating Agreement.
    • Premier Turbo Team Franchise Operating Agreement will be provided to the new Member Owner upon acceptance as a Limited Member Owner of the Franchise.
    • Premier Turbo Team Franchise will generate a Limited Liability Ownership Certificate upon acceptance as a Limited Member Owners of the Franchise.

    By signing below the limited member owner agrees to receive and remit payment in the amount of $1,000.00 from Premier Turbo Team Franchise.
     I authorize the investment cost applied to this information below.

    Please note, upon signing this agreement we will email you email invoice from our franchise payment processor Stripe.

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